Uganda is a largely undiscovered landlocked country located in East Africa on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is packed with full of geographical and cultural diversity, adorned by beautiful lakes, Forest, Mountains, Rivers, Savannah Grasslands. Its many traditional customs.

Commonly known as the “Pearl of Africa”, a name given by Sir WINSTON Churchill in his book “My Africa Journey”. Uganda is famous for Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi and the Chimpanzees of Kibale, as no other country has two of the three great apes within the borders.

The source of the Nile in Jinja, Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha, the unrivaled landscape of Murchison Falls, Hippos in Kazinga Channel, the remote beauty of Kidepo, and Lake Victoria itself all make Uganda an incredible place to visit and the best kept secret of the African safari. However, despite its endless breathtaking attractions, it is the people of Uganda that make this country the best destination in all of Africa