We are a destination management company that specializes in designing luxury, exclusive and small group tours to the remaining unspoiled view of nature in its finest. The diversity in almost unbelievable Savannah, forests, jungles, mountains and wetland landscape dramatically after the wildlife in only a few kilometers, discover endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, leopards and bird species.

Your Ugandan safari activities will include the diversity in cultures with different tribal history. Our team of drivers/ guides are committed to move make your trip in Africa a memorable life time experience.

Uganda, in an ecological nutshell is where the eastern savannah meets the west African jungle -and it really does offer visitor the best of both these fantastic worlds.In no other African destination can one see a comparable variety of monkey species,as well as the tiny wide-eyed bushbaby and peculair potto.And if Uganda will have primate enthusiasts wandering around with imbecile grins,it will have birdwatchers doing cartwheels.Uganda is by far the smallest of the four African countries in which more than 1000 bird species have been recorded ,in  practical terms,undoubtedly the finest birdwatching destination in Africa.