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Nature Connect Safaris Uganda is a Gorilla and Wildlife Safari Company that specializes in Customized, Private and small group tours to Uganda and Rwanda. We aim on sharing knowledge, love and passion about Africa

Whether it’s your first or third trip to East Africa, organizing your honeymoon, anniversary or any special occasion, out on adventure, Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Trekking, fishing, birding, we will work with you to design an African Safari of your specification and budget. Let us customize it, perfect it and operate it.

Nature connect safaris was set up by two Ugandans, all have worked in East African tourism industry both travel and hotel industry for over 11 years before they came up with an idea of starting a safari company to connect everyone to nature and great tourism of East Africa.

The success of our safari company can be attributed to our hard working and enthusiasm, passion, love for nature and spirited approach to tourism. We offer something a bit different and target travelers who are looking at an affordable African Safari at great value of competitive prices.

We have a fully equipped fleet of vehicles customized for safaris and wildlife viewing. No detail has been overlooked. An integral part of your safari is your vehicle to which we have a maximum level of comfort.


Uganda lies in East Africa within both the African Great Lakes region and the Nile basin. Aptly named the ‘Pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill, it is home to some of the most diverse and concentrated African wildlife, including the highly-endangered mountain gorilla, as well as the chimpanzee. Uganda has ten national parks to choose from, offering safaris of all kinds to its visitors. Besides gorillas trekking and chimpanzees, visitors could see elephants, eland, hippos, lions, leopards and more.

One of the most popular tourist spots, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, is an Afromontane rain forest situated at the edge of the Rift Valley. This ‘impenetrable forest’ comprises of steep, mist-covered hills and valleys shrouded by one of Uganda’s oldest rainforests. What makes this park so special, however, is the fact that it is home to roughly half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas. Here safari enthusiasts get the opportunity to observe this majestic great ape in its natural habitat. Adventurers can also go on nature walks, hikes and bird-watching safaris in this park.

Lets go Gorilla Trekking

Bwindi is however most notable for about 490 Mountain Gorillas, about half the world’s population of this critically endangered primate.

Amazing Gorilla Trekking Experiences

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